Kleine Krone Social Casino

For “Schmidt Gruppe”, one of the largest German games room operators, we implemented an online social casino platform with over 300 digital slots and casino meta games. 

Due to its large customer base, it was important for “Schmidt Gruppe” to have a captivating user experience when using the embedded slot games and an infrastructure for a high growth potential with consistently fast response times. 
  • Development of an API-oriented mono-micro-service architecture for user account management, slot games, meta games and interaction (e.g. via teams or chat) 
  • Integration of multiple slot game providers through their APIs into a standardized casino system 
  • Technical management of web, iOS and Android app development 
  • A server infrastructure, able to process a large number of requests in a growth-oriented manner 
  • BigData connection, to analyze all actions and every spin  
  • Long-term transaction data backup 
  • A casino layout for both: the casual and also the experienced player - and a layout to make a regular user of both of them 
  • A back office system for customer care  

In a cross-functional team of frontend and backend developers, we implemented both - the backend as a RESTful API with databases and the interface for web and app frontend: 
  • Integration of more than 400 slot games from six different slot providers 
  • Integration of common OAuth providers for user authentication (e.g. Facebook, Google, Apple Connect) 
  • RESTful API integration in casino backend to ensure consistent communication of web and app frontends and keep it simple 
  • Conception and development of six social casione meta games to maximize user retention and satisfaction (e.g. leagues) 
  • Payment connections to the mobile stores as well as Paypal, CC and others 
  • Central data warehouse in Google Big Query to save and analyze all interactions long-term 
  • Connection of a marketing system for newsletter and customer reactivation 
  • Output in Excel/CSV files and connection to the customer ERP system via XML interface 
  • Zero downtime deployments 
  • Continuous integration/continuous deployment from Bitbucket pipelines 
  • Infinitely scalable serverless architecture with over 50k+ users 

What we used:
  • PHP 8 + Laravel 8 / Vapor / Nova 
  • VueJS, Tailwind CSS 
  • Unity3D for cross-platform mobile app creation 
  • AWS Lambda, AWS SQS, AWS RDS, AWS S3 
  • Data warehouse on GCP with Google Big Query and Data Studio 
  • Docker, Git, Adyen 

Meine Krone GmbH, a company of the Schmidt Gruppe, https://kleinekrone.de 

Technology, product, B2C, social media, casino 

Date: 2021

Services: Development, Design

Client: Schmidt Gruppe

Link: https://www.kleinekrone.de

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