kurts toolbox MVP

The basic idea of kurt's toolbox was to rent a tool as quick as possible and only for the time you really need it. We designed, developed and built the hardware and software MVP for these rental stations. 

The object was to allow the user who needs a specific tool right now to do this as easily as possible and via an app. This should be guaranteed by an absolutely safe communication between a station and the backend, so all tools are secure. 
  • Control of up to 64 compartments within a rental station 
  • Network connection to the backend via LTE, so only electricity is required 
  • For  worldwide availability it should be able to transfer the stations and distribute them globally 
  • Development of an IoT-based hardware solution to control doors and compartments via a secure network 
  • Development of a station controller to manage status of all compartments and doors 
For this comprehensive project, based on microcontroller architecture and backend technologies, hardware and backend developers have built a "smart" tool rental station directly in our company. No three months, and we were able to send the first functional prototype to “kurts”.  
  • Custom designed, network connected door locks for internal communication based on Arduino microcontrollers 
  • Individual station controller for an API - backend interface and is connected to the IoT door locks 
  • Hardware firewall for secure routing between station controller and backend system 
  • Admin interfaces and monitoring of the location and also status of the stations 
  • Assembling, cabling and setting up stations at Frozen Donkey production halls 

What we used:
  • PHP 7 + Laravel 7 
  • Python and C 
  • Raspberry Pi 
  • Arduino 
  • LTE router with dual sim and static IP address 
  • Control cabinets according to DIN standard 
kurts toolbox GmbH, subsidiary of Kurt König Baumaschinen, https://kurts.tools 
Share economy, technology 

Date: 2019

Services: Engineering, Development

Client: kurts toolbox

Link: http://www.kurts.tools

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