Trading Cards Grading

For one of the largest German trading card shops, we have developed a sales website and mobile-first app, which digitizes the entire evaluation process (grading) for trading cards, from purchase and shipping to verification and labelling. 

The object was a positive user experience while selecting cards for evaluation, as well as the maximum of possible support for the employees while doing the grading: 
  • A web-based app connected to Shopify had to be built as a data-driven assistant to submit trading card informations 
  • A huge amount of trading card data from multiple Google Sheets had to be transferd and continuously updated 
  • A shop was needed to sell the grading-service to users 
  • Based on his identification, the customer should be able to specify and finalize the order on a submission page 
  • orders should be transact by employees asap, supported by QR code 
  • It´s important during the entire process: there could be highly professional users as well as users without any prior knowledge – and both have to handle it 

In a team of frontend and backend developers, we implemented the ordering and grading process in two separate apps in web app, mobile-first app and database: 
  • Automated import process from Google Spreadsheets into an expandable and dynamic database 
  • Integration with Shopify web hooks for data transfer and extension 
  • UX-optimized Single Page Application (SPA) to enter usefull data into grading process 
  • Central database between OrderKit and GradingApp, also to search POIs 
  • Communication between OrderKit and GradingApp using QR codes 
  • State machine based grading process with pre/post conditions and user rights management 
  • Export to Excel/CSV files for automated card labelling 
  • Zero downtime deployments 
  • Continuous deployment from Bitbucket pipelines 
  • Infinitely scalable serverless architecture 

What we used:
  • PHP 8 + Laravel 8 / Vapor / Nova 
  • VueJS, Tailwind CSS 
  • Shopify, JTL 
  • AWS Lambda, AWS SQS, AWS RDS, AWS S3 
  • Docker, Git 

Lottigrading GmbH, a company of Lotticards GmbH, 

Collectables, cards, products, B2C, mobile development 

Date: 2021

Services: Design, Development

Client: Lotticards


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