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Our client, toy-to-life manufacturer Boxine GmbH from Düsseldorf, has decided to extend connectivity to mobile devices as part of its expansion strategy, connecting its children's entertainment hardware with an “always to be used” app. 

React-Native was important for the customer. So this was our basis for develope an iOS and Android cross-platform app, which transfers the administration of the toys from website to app. 
  • A management app for toys and audio content should be developed for all mobile stores for US-launch 
  • App-based provisioning process of hardware should be as easy as possible,  
  • It should be an attractive and easy-to-use app, also for users without software or mobile experience  
  • The design should be CI of the company, but usefull for mobile platform 
  • A close coordination with backend, shop, marketing and product owner was a basic requirement for a successful development and integration into the existing Tonie-system 

A team of React Native developers, designers and a Technical Project Manager developed a completely new app from scratch, integrated into the existing system: from kick-off to release in less than a year. 
  • In interviews with stakeholders and product owners, project managers and designers determined the requirements for UX and UI 
  • Multi-directional app architecture, with a flexibility to add new features planned by the customer 
  • UX-optimized cross-platform app with connection to SSO, RESTful/GraphQL backends 
  • Integration of other systems such as Contentful for Marketing 
  • Two-week high-level work phase with multiple milestones until final release 
  • Hypercare phase and Kanban release development after release 
  • App Store integration with Slack for fast and high-qualitiy customer care 
  • Automated unit and e2e tests 
  • Continuous integration/continuous deployment via Gitlab and Bitrise to Apple Connect and Google PlayStore 

  • React-Native with Typescript, Java/Objective-C in some native customizations 
  • Python backend with GraphQL and RESTful API, Keycloak SSO authentication 
  • Sentry, Firebase, ConfigCat, Contentful, Zendesk 
  • Adobe XD for clickdummies and mockups, Zeplin for art exchange 
  • Gitlab, Gitflow and CI/CD via Bitrise 

Date: 2021

Services: Design, Development

Client: Boxine GmbH


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