A different way of thinking; a different way of doing things. Have a problem? Awesome! We are a group of cool, calm & composed German Engineers & Designers that love to solve problems. Our core competencies are design, development, & hardware & software prototyping. Get in touch, we can help you with any business need you have.
HEEEHAWWW: Together with Nukklear and Sturmkind we won the category "best innovation" at the DEUTSCHER ENTWICKLERPREIS 2018!!1!


House Specialties

Web Development

The web is our bread and butter. From small websites to ecommerce shops to auto-scaling server pools in the cloud; anything that runs with PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS or JavaScript, we can build.


We believe good design requires detailed craftsmanship – that’s why we put in the work until you think it’s perfect. Need an awesome design for your app, website or game? Drop us a line and we will work with you to figure it out.


Need a new logo for your business? We can do “corporate.” Guaranteed to leave be a real eye catcher and leave a lasting impression – we even do business cards, stationary, and corporate presentations. Get in touch to boost the reach of your brand!


If you need new pictures of your team, building or office, we can help you out. Our photography setup is top of the line - professional lighting & equipment, along with a pro photographer – we will capture the perfect pictures for you.


Do you have an idea that you can’t quite get to the finish line? In order to build a strong Product, you need smart ideas, strong concepts, compelling text, and strategic execution. We will find the right solutions for you – get in touch.


If you have an idea in the Blockchain / Crypto Space but don’t know where to start, get in touch! We have a lot of experience with the Ethereum protocol, and can build ERC20 Tokens, Smart Contracts, and even design and execute an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Hardware Development

Do you have a cool idea for a gadget? Let’s build it together! With just the specs, we will create a hardware development plan and work with you to build it. With enough time, we can build Rocket Ships, so talk to us about your idea!


Do you need an app, but have no idea how to build one? We got your back! We build Apps for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire OS – and our full service solution includes App Store Optimization for all three. Get in contact and let’s build something.

Alexa Skills

Want to build something for Alexa? We have experience building Alexa Skills! Just let us know what you need and we can teach it Alexa.


The best trio outside of Denny’s, Coffee, and Pancakes

Torben Ludwig


Chris Figge

Technical Director

Nikolas Stein

Creative Director


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